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Okie Pottery

Handmade Goat Mug- Pottery

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Handmade Goat Mug-Pottery. Mix of Teal (Aqua), and Brown make this mug a beauty for the goat lover in your life. I threw it the wheel. I added a pulled handle, and a cute patch of a dairy goat that I carved and made a sprig mold of. The glazes are hard to describe, but beautiful, and it turned out awesome. I'd love to keep most of my mugs, but I've got to let it go.

I used glaze and clay that are both food safe, and lead free.

Though I state it is dishwasher safe I prefer to wash my mugs by hand to make sure they aren't bumped around and damaged. After all dish washers aren't as gentle as I am when washing them, and they are made out of breakable material.

I offer free shipping for all my items. How do I ship my items you may be asking? Well all of the items I make are very fragile, or should I say they break very easily when bumped or handled roughly. I use the USPS postal service, and we all know that no delivery service is gentle. They just try to get the package where it's going, and I'm thankful for their service. For this reason I make a great effort to ensure your item will reach you in great shape. I wrap each item in bubble wrap, and stabilize it in a box. If I feel it needs to be double boxed I put the first box in another box with more packing supplies on all sides.

All my pottery items are handmade from a piece of raw clay and either thrown on the wheel, slab built, or sculpted by me. My pottery is fired in an programmable electric kiln a minimum of 2 times. I bisque firing to a cone 04, or 1945 degrees. I then wait a day for the kiln to cool down to 120 degrees or cooler, then brush glaze on the piece to create a one of a kind work of art. I love my works of art to be functional as well. After the item is glazed and has dried I'll fire it again reaching the temperature the clay it's made out of it matures which depending on the clay can be 2167 to 2262 degrees. This makes the item microwaveable and safe to use. All these factors are very important to me and my pottery business. I don't skimp, in fact my motto is "Be the task great or small, do it well or not at all."